February: Rebecca Welti, Sculptor

february-2016-air-mailchimpRebecca Welti joins Surel’s Place from Portland, Oregon for a one-month residency this
February. With a focus on carving wood, Welti explores the intersection of art and science by carving microscopic plankton into larger-than-life forms. Welti attended the University of Washington with an emphasis on sculpture. She later went on to study NW Coast Native art, which informed her carving style. Before relocating to Oregon from Alaska in 2008, Welti taught carving in the bush schools through the Alaska Arts Council and to the residents in the roadless village where she lived. Her work has been shown at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology and The Discovery Museum, Portland, and it can be found in private collections worldwide.

Having lived by the ocean for many years, Welti made the discovery one day of the microscopic world of plankton living just beneath the surface. Inspired by their forms, and the realization that these “tiny heroes provide half of our oxygen and are the basis of the planet’s food chain,” Welti began to honor plankton in her large-scale wood sculptures. “Plankton is vitally responsible for the health of the planet and this is the right time to get the message out in any way possible,” says Welti. This notion is what drives her to address this subject through several new tactile platforms—in addition to her sculptures—including trading cards, plankton ‘action figures’, and a board game, making the message especially accessible to the next generation.


BENEATH THE SURFACE:  Drawing life forms as seen through the microscope
Saturday, February 13 | 1:00-3:00pm

$5.00 Materials fee | limited to 10 participants
registration required  | All ages and abilities
scholarships are available: info@surelsplace.org

Finding beauty in that which cannot be seen with the naked eye, Rebecca Welti uses microscopes to get a closer look at plankton and other life forms dwelling in water. Looking at creatures found in the Boise River, as well as some of her own samples, Welti will lead participants through various drawing exercises in order to bring these ‘tiny heroes’ into focus.

 The wood sculptures of Rebecca Welti
Friday, February 19
Doors 6:30 | Art Talk 7:00pm | until 8:30pm

An opening reception featuring new work by Rebecca Welti and an art talk about her work and processes.

Both events are at Surel’s Place.