The District is bustling with artists, artisans, and creative, artisanal businesses.  Come to our neighborhood on the river as much as you can, but especially during our quarterly  First Friday Art Events.  You’ll find many locations open during the event, including artist studios, restaurants, and stores.  In addition, there will be special events at many locations, including exhibits, readings, and performances.

To learn more about the next First Friday, visit The LWC District First Friday Event Page on Facebook.

The Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District provides more seamless lives  to artists and artisans, in which living space supports creativity and creative space supports lives.  The District has distinct going that supports live-work spaces, making our neighborhood a unique, creative center for the Treasure Valley.

In 1998, Surel built her home in Garden City where she would not only live but also create and share her art.  She became active in the community, serving on Garden City’s Planning & Zoning Commission, the Comprehensive Plan Committee and the city’s first Arts Commission. During these efforts, she introduced and championed the idea of designating a special area of the city as a “live, work, create district.”

In 2007, thanks to her efforts, the Garden City Council formally approved the creation of such a district between 32nd and 37th Streets on both sides of Chinden Blvd.  After her passing in 2011, the Garden City Council officially named the Live, Work, Create District in her honor.

The purpose of the Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create (LWC) Neighborhood Overlay District is to create a neighborhood that allows commercial or small scale manufacturing activity with dwelling units located within or nearby the working spaces.

These Provisions: 

  • Allow for property development that incorporates both living and working spaces, including but not limited to craftsman and artisans retail and work spaces, workshops, and art studios;
  • Provide flexibility and incentives for the development of a live-work-create neighborhood;
  • Provide for a location within the City for new, start-up businesses;
  • Provide for smaller, more affordable dwelling units;
  • Maintain and build upon the existing mixed use and small scale development character of the neighborhood; and
  • Ensure live-work uses minimize conflicts and protect the health, safety and welfare of existing development; and
  • Ensure that the design of structures and site development is compatible with the intended character of the live-work-create neighborhood.

Multiple Work-Live Spaces

  • Multiple live-work spaces, either attached or detached, may be located on any lot subject to the other provisions of the Live, Work Create ordinance.
  • Each live-work space will have clearly definite separate access from other units.

Combined Work-Live Space

  • The minimum interior floor area of a combined work-live space shall be 500 square feet.
  • The maximum interior floor area of a combined work-live space shall be 5,000 square feet.
  • Neither a living space nor a working space shall be less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the combined floor area of the site.
  • A combined live-work space shall provide fire protection as required for a combined occupancy.
  • Combined live-work spaces over 2,000 square feet shall have two exits as required for fire access.
  • Workspace activities that involve the use of hazardous materials or operations shall not be allowed in a combined work-live space without separation required under the International Fire Code.

*Entire Garden City Code available at gardencityidaho.org.


To speak with a Live-Work-Create District Specialist, call Garden City’s Development Services Department:  208-472-2921