Flash Show: Kristin Hill: MODULATIONS


Friday, January 27  |  5:30-8:30pm

Saturday, January 28  |  1-4pm
Sunday, January 29  |  1-4pm

Surel’s Place is proud to present a new body of work by Boise artist Kristen Hill.   The abstract paintings are studies of color, depth and process, made by Hill’s methodical layering of colored glazes on oil paper.

Ms. Hill aims for her work to engage “the primitive and instinctive parts of the brain by paring the elements down to their most basic: light, color, line and depth. By avoiding the use of recognizable form and imagery, she invites the audience to approach each piece from their own background and perspective, creating a personal, visceral and immersive experience for the viewer.”  Simply put, these simultaneously simple and complex works will capture your attention.

at Surel’s Place  |  212 E 33rd St in Garden City