Shrinky Dinks Examples from 2015. Shrinkin’ Amazing!

Here are some of the original works from our 2015 Surel’s Place Shrinky Dinks® auction.  You can see, here, that people came up with 2-D and 3-D, abstract, realistic, colorful, gray scale, square and rounded, visual and textual, wearable and wall art. Say that three times fast.

Click on each image for a larger view.  It’s worth the click.  Seriously.

From left, above:
April Vandegrift  |  Mayfly
Rick Friesen  |  Guitar Musican Pick Portraits
Will Spearman  |  Pallazone, Italy

From left, above:
Lisa Day  |  Fairfield
Samantha Silva  |  The Named*
Betty Hayzlett  |  Wild Flower

From left, above:
Randy Van Dyck  | Crane
Judith Lombardi  |  Collection
Colleen Dublin  |  Skeleton

From left, above:
Mike Landa  | Everyday Things
Diane Doorman  |  Botanical Necklace
Karl LeClair  |  Circle Sculpture




From left, above:
Divit Cardoza  | Charlie’s Dinky Garden
Julia Green  |  8 Cat Rings
Aaron Binion  |  Faerie