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Artist Credit: Roxanne Everett

Artist: Roxanne Everett

About Surel’s Place

Surel’s Place honors the legacy of artist Surel Mitchell by offering her home and studio to artists of promise, and of renown, for month-long residencies and professionally supported art events. In this inspiring live/work space artists of all disciplines are given time and freedom to reflect, create, and share their work with Idahoans of all ages and backgrounds.

MISSION: to support artists by providing them time and space to explore their creative process and connect with community.

VISION STATEMENT: To be one of Idaho’s preeminent arts institutions by supporting brave artists who inspire our community’s creativity, intellectual growth, and connectedness.

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Unlike many organizations, Surel’s Place is not endowed. The gift you make today matters a great deal. Surel’s Place is a 501c3 non-profit organization (TAX ID #45-5319151), so your donation is tax deductible. Thank you for including us in your giving.


Winston C. and Surel L. Mitchell Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

Idaho Commission on the Arts
Hannah Ball
The Riverside Hotel
First Interstate Bank

Casino Beach
Jeff & Kate Souza
Andrea Pettitt &
Boise Group Real Estate


Bob & Sally Long
Gregg & Trish Mizuta

Karen Brown & Garth Claassen
Trudy Buckingham
Heidi G Read
Carole & Richard Skinner

Cassandra Schiffler
Stacy Seyb

Nancy & Tom Baskin
Laurie Blakeslee & Stephanie Dickey
Marcia Brinton
Francis Brooks
Matilda Bubb
Julie Chigbrow
Paul Corell
Barry & Roz Cusack
Terri Dillion
Gillian Donahey
Odell England
Theresa Fox
Wendy Fox
Kirsten Furlong
Charles & Elaine Gill
Suzanne Gore
Lynn & Mark Hofflund
Ken Howell
Klasina Jansen
Joe Jaszewski
Eilen Jewell
Dr. Janet Kaufman & Rabbi Dan Fink
William & Beth Litvin
Amy Maguire
Jocelyn Newell
Sue Reents
Bruce Reichert
Jesse Rundle
Nikki Russo
Elizabeth Schattin
John Michael Schert
Dick & Carol Sevier
Dorothy Ann Snowball
Erik Stidham
Connor Tudbury
Susan Valiquette & Ben Murray
Randy Van Dyck
Tess Weidner
Driek & Michael Zirinsky

Mari Christmas

Michael & Sharon Bixby
Les Herman
Mary Jo Nyblad & Colleen Lambertz
Katherine Sewell
David & Margie Wilkins
Ken & Lyn Winer