THANK YOU for your interest in becoming a Surel’s Place resident artist.

Please follow all application directions at to ensure that your application is reviewed.


The online portion of the application, below, must be completed at one time
.  Do not submit the form until it is complete, or you’ll need to begin again.  Thank you.

Only complete, timely application packets will be considered. In addition to the online application, all  relevant accompanying materials must be submitted to by deadline midnight (MST).  Missed deadlines cannot be accommodated, though we can hold late applications for the next round.

Scheduling can affect acceptance.  First and foremost, we are looking for qualified artists with interesting and achievable proposals.  That said, the more flexible your calendar choices, the more likely we will be able to accommodate them.  So, if you choose only one month, or if you choose only popular summer months, your application status could be affected.