Tap Choreography

Andrew Nemr

(New York) Artist-in-Residence Residency Year: 2015


My work has always come to life at the intersections. Notably, Tap Dance itself functions at the intersections of sound, movement, and personality. With formal training in the visual arts (School of Visual Arts, 2001) and apprenticed in tap dance, my work has explored storytelling, digital art (including virtual reality), physical art, and music. Fueling every exploration is an ongoing journey through the ways of oral tradition and spiritual formation as they interact with the questions of life. The questions have varied. At different times they may be more reflective (What is happening right now?), imaginative (What could be?), or existential (What is real?). Regardless, I have found the vast variety of mediums to be amazing vehicles through which to share my journey of exploration and embody these important questions.

Since his residency 7 years ago, Andrew has been back to perform CELLOSONG in 2018, and recently danced an interpretation of Lalin composed by Nathalie Joachim for “Ourself Behind Ourself, Concealed.” He now lives in Boise and uses it as his home base.

Mentored by Gregory Hines, Andrew Nemr is an international artist, teacher, and speaker. His work has spanned the dance, theatre, music, and visual arts worlds, exploring art as a vehicle for storytelling and community building. Described as “A masterly tapper” by the New York Times, Andrew has played with Grammy Award winning musicians across multiple genres, and co-founded the Tap Legacy™ Foundation, Inc. (along with Hines). Andrew’s work has been recognized with numerous awards including a TED Fellowship, grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, and residencies with Google/TiltBrush and TED. Andrew is recorded on the Grammy nominated recording Itsbynne Reel by Dave Eggar, the DVD Documentary and companion album Tuesdays at Mona’s by Mona’s Hot Four, and narrates the DanceTime Publications DVD, Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film. He is the topic of the documentary short film Identity: The Andrew Nemr Story, and hosts the weekly podcast, Talking Notes.