Visual Artist

Andrew Rice

(Utah) Artist Website Artist-in-Residence April Residency Year: 2015


ANDREW RICE moved into Surel’s Place in April 2015 with plans to create installations that
use his advanced print-making and painting skills.  The studio manager for Salt Lake’s Saltgrass Printmakers Studio and a printmaking instructor at the University of Utah, Rice worked on a project that used watercolor and a life-size mixed-media installation, using various representations of a person in a space suit, drawing parallels to the ‘protective space’ we often dwell within when we hide behind our digital or online ‘selves’.

“These spaces provide protection, but also isolation, inhibiting access from the world around”. He draws on the ideas within the poem “No Man Is an Island” by John Dunne: “We are all interconnected, part of a larger collective, or as he writes, ‘a piece of the continent.’ We have created spaces and safe havens from the harsh world around us that encourage this reciprocal community.”

With a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Utah, Rice has exhibited his work widely at venues including SaltGrass Printmakers, Rio Gallery, and the Printmaking Center of New Jersey.

During his time at Surel’s, Rice a workshop called “Printmaking Without the Press.” In this three-hour workshop, he introduced participants to the bold and graphic medium of printmaking. Additionally, he held an exhibition and art talk for his work, called “SPACE(S)”.

FINAL EVENT PICTURES UPDATE: Mr. Rice’s final event was a hit. Click here to see pictures from the show.