Aubrey Clinedinst performing at Surel's Place

Aubrey Clinedinst

(New York) January Residency Year: 2019


Surel’s Place welcomed January 2019 Artist-in-Residence Aubrey Clinedinst, a professional clown and puppeteer from the New York City area. She is the first artist-in-residence hosted by Surel’s Place whose focus is on physical theater.  A performative spirit since a young age, Aubrey Clinedinst began working towards her profession when she first went to Italy to study at the Accademia dell’Arte. Here, she discovered a passion for clowns of all sorts, both Commedia and Red-Nose, and brought this passion back to her work in the States. Simultaneously, Clinedinst began to delve further into the puppet arts, encouraged by her skill in costumes and props and guided by her developing clown skills. By combining the worlds of clown and puppet theatre, Clinedinst takes a hard look at many serious topics, and brings an optimistic point of view to the table.  Aubrey Clinedinst strives to use her work to create community out of laughter and to expand the imaginations of her audiences.


The Finding Clownections workshop focused on the basis of clown presence and connection. By playing various games and performing various exercises, participants learned how to analyze how to best build a relationship with the audience and manage the tension of stage action to build the most effective scenes possible. Stage performers of all kinds benefited from this workshop which expands body awareness and ensemble awareness. Community is an important component to Aubrey’s work, and this workshop explored the unique relationship of performer and audience.


Aubrey Clinedinst taught participants how to make simple puppets, work on basic lip sync techniques, and build a short puppet scene. Participants were encouraged to bring their own puppet to troubleshoot! All while addressing the question, why use a puppet?


In a world where consumption is at an all-time high and there are seemingly endless ways to satiate one’s appetite instantly, one clown finds themself starving . . . Professional clown and puppeteer, Aubrey Clinedinst, shared a new solo piece addressing the various appetites we have as humans. These appetites, whether they be for food, love, sex, human connection, wealth, fame, or material possessions, are supposedly satiated by the million different things we can buy, and yet – are they?