Caitlin Cullen & Meghan Novoa

Studio Artists-in-Residence March Residency Year: 2021


Contemporary dancers Caitlin Cullen and Meaghan Novoa are collaborating to produce a visceral dance film that invites viewers to travel the span of a well-worn home and the intimate lives of its mysterious inhabitants. The characters created by the dancers will use movement to explore the shared experience of loss, chaos, and the uncertainty of salvaging and rehoming unrealized artistic ideas caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The movement will rekindle the potential energy of these past artistic visions and tap into new knowledge within the figurative and literal bounds presented within the confines of Surel’s Place. The duo will share the recorded film through a live community event, which itself is a comment on the state of collaborative community art in a time of interpersonal distancing and domestic isolation. The residency will also include a live online class sharing some of the piece’s choreographic material.

While both Ms. Novoa and Ms. Cullen are currently based in Boise, they come from varying backgrounds. Ms. Novoa performed and choreographed in Atlanta, GA and Portland, OR before becoming a member and choreographer with Idaho Dance Theatre. Ms. Cullen is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and went on to study composition in New York City, and her choreography has been presented throughout the U.S., from New York to Oklahoma, and Salt Lake to Boise.

Friday, March 19th  |  6:30 – 7:30pm

This online class shares some of the dance film’s choreographic material focusing on site specific contemporary choreography. After the workshop, participants are encouraged to stay online for the artist talk ending with a Q&A.

Friday, March 19th  |  7:30pm

This artist talk will be presented via Facebook Live on the Surel’s Place page. The duo will share an excerpt from the footage recorded for the film, which will be shown in its entirety through a live community event at a later date. The evening concludes with a Q&A.