Chuck Palmer speaks at the ANONYMOUS ELDER: BOISE, ID performance.

Chuck Palmer

(New York) Artist Website Artist-in-Residence August Residency Year: 2018


We first met Chuck Palmerin February of 2018 when two-time Artist-in-Residence Dave Eggar brought him in as a collaborator for “CelloSong.” During this collaboration, Mr. Palmer played the cajón, a peruvian percussion instrument. Although he had a very short visit, he was grateful to learn about Surel’s Place in this way and applied to be a resident himself. We were thrilled to welcome him for the month of August of 2018.

Chuck Palmer is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but spends about half of the year touring and supporting other musicians. He was excited to have time at Surel’s Place to focus and develop his own artistic voice. While at Surel’s Place, Palmer worked on a performance titled “Anonymous Elder: Boise, ID,” which will derive from rhythms and sounds recorded and created near and around Surel’s Place and Garden City.

Chuck Palmer began playing drums at a young age, but how he came to music is from an unexpected path. “I began playing drums at age 11,” he says. “It combined the exhilaration of motion that I had experienced playing soccer and skateboarding, with another layer of energy and patterning.”

As a drummer/percussionist, songwriter, producer, engineer, arranger, and composer, Palmer has performed and recorded with a myriad of artists. He says, “this passion for music has taken me all over the world, playing in multiple genres with people of many diverse musical traditions.”


Join music producer and percussionist Chuck Palmer for a listening workshop that will change the way you move through your day. Discover new ways of listening to, and participating with, the rhythms of our everyday lives. Rhythm is everywhere. Come explore the joys of listening critically and the power of developing an exciting listening practice!


In 2016, Mr. Palmer produced and released Anonymous Elder’s: “liminal Currents: Exploration of an Empathic Umwelt a sound design loop created in collaboration with a sculptural installation by artist Matthew Gray Palmer and composed of local found sounds. Mr. Palmer’s performance at the end of his residency at Surel’s Place will follow a similar way of working by collecting and creating rhythms and sounds recorded near and around Surel’s Place and Garden City. This world premier will be performed at Audio Lab in Garden City.