David Titterington

(Kansas City) Artist Website Artist-in-Residence July Residency Year: 2015


Artist David Titterington traveled from Kansas City to spend July 2015 in residence at Surel’s Place.  His landscape paintings are grounded in research, and his work aims to grapple with not only physical locations but with the historical, often tragic, occurrences that happened in those places.

While at Surel’s Place, Titterington researched and recorded tragic sites in the Idaho landscape, focusing on the Bear River Massacre, the Teton Damn disaster, the SL-1 incident, The Minidoka War Relocation Center, and the “Gate of Death” at Massacre Rocks State Park. Through the languages of realist landscape painting and religious icon-painting, this series honored these tragic lands as holy lands and disturbed conventional distinctions between what is sacred and what is shameful.

Titterington was selected as he had done his research on our state, and the review panelists believed his residency would be both intriguing and educational for our community.

During his residency, Titterington hosted a workshop called “Exploration Through Drawing.” He led participants through several exercises to facilitate a deeper connection to the world around them. Through a warm-up, plein air drawing session, discussion, and breathing and blind-contour exercises, participants left feeling more in tune with the intuitive side of the creative process. he additionally held an exhibition and art talk called “State Gems.”