Jonathan Hewett

(Boise) Artist Website Studio Artist-in-Residence September 8th - September 17, 2022 Residency Year: 2022


Our first Studio AIR of 2022 is Jonathan Hewett, a 22-year-old artist, green in his career. He recently graduated from Boise State University with a BFA in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting. Since Jonathan’s early childhood, he has always been scribbling, filming, or photographing something. Jonathan gains most of his inspiration from the peculiar nature of the human soul. He enjoys exploring the intricacies of metaphysics with painting, and looks for poetry in all things. In addition to painting, Jonathan runs Relax Graphix, a side project where he publishes his more irreverent, humorous work.

During his residency, he intends to explore themes pertaining to ontology and rhopography. What’s that? Essentially he is interested in painting everyday objects (rhopography) with a suggestion of what it means to be that object (ontology).  “I am interested in how we form intimate memories and relationships with everyday objects,” he explains, “and the strange metaphysical dark matter between a person’s soul and an inanimate object.”