Laura Pellegrinelli at Surel's Place

Laura Pellegrinelli

(Switzerland) Artist Website Artist-in-Residence May and June Residency Year: 2019


Surel’s Place welcomed Artist-in-Residence for May and June, Laura Pellegrinelli. Ms. Pellegrinelli is an interdisciplinary installation artist, based in Switzerland, who specializes in participatory public art through which she has activated public spaces around the world. Her work lies at the intersection of identity, contemplative practice, and the built environment. She has exhibited at the Switzerland Museum as an artist and worked there as an artist mediator.

Most recently, Laura Pellegrinelli worked with communities in Bardi, Italy creating public art experiments to pursue more inclusive forms of democracy. Pellegrinelli creates work which examines the dynamics between society and the psyche, the threshold between isolation and community, and the role of how what we have in common plays in our wellbeing.


In the workshop, Growing with Words, participants gave shape to a public artwork together. Using the word and idea of “Growth” as a prompt, this workshop focused on creating a site-specific installation exploring words as dialogues (ideas and creative process) using paper medium with written words as material (word stamps on paper). Together, participants figured out how to realize an installation: an art piece, a performance related to those words-in order to give shape to the words.