Lynn Webster demonstrating her work during the Guests of the workshop, Your Home in the Natural World.
Visual Art

Lynn Webster

(Florida) Artist Website Artist-in-Residence April Residency Year: 2019


As spring arrived in the Live-Work-Create District, Surel’s Place welcomed our April Artist-in-Residence Lynn Webster. Webster is a visual artist whose work addresses the meaning and concept of home and place through a blending of words and images, utilizing various printmaking methods and paper construction. Lynn Webster is continuously experimenting with techniques including the layering and interplay of ink, paint, and monotype.

Lynn is not a stranger to Idaho – she discovered a passion for teaching as an art professor at the College of Idaho. Currently retired and living in Florida, Webster was excited to return to Idaho as a resident at Surel’s Place and to pursue the mixed-media hanging paper works that currently engage her. She will be seeking new stimulation from the presence of the peregrine falcon. “I have found the presence of the peregrine falcon entering my memory and imagination,” she writes. During her residency, she observed peregrine falcons in the Snake River Birds of Prey area in order to answer questions about home. She is interested in how the peregrine falcon has been adapting to urban constructed environments, and how it has reclaimed lands protected on its behalf.

Webster also be participated in our PARTNER Schools Program, where she lead classes aimed at exploring the meaning that birds-of-prey hold for indigenous populations at the Morley Nelson Community Center.  Webster had students work on simple-fold origami techniques to create falcons, installed as a mobile and reminiscent of Alexander Calder. With Webster’s passion for teaching and the relevant subject matter, we had a perfect fit to have her participate with Surel’s Place PARTNER Schools Program.

Thank you to the Boise Weekly for providing support for Ms. Webster’s residency at Surel’s Place.


From the workshop:Your Home in the Natural World workshop: Surel’s Place Artist-in-Residence Lynn Webster is interested in exploring ideas of home – both for humans and for creatures. Her work addresses the meaning and concept of home and place through a blending of words and images. Our homes define us, but they can also displace species and lure us away from the wildness of natural places. Ms. Webster will guide you in marbling paper and making monoprints with natural objects like leaves and grasses. These monoprints will support the contrasting silhouette of a house. On the house plate, you will write, stamp, or stencil words that you connect with home. Finally, the silhouettes will be positioned in a nest of printed natural leaves or grasses. All materials will be provided. For adults with some art experience.