Photography & Mixed Media

Mark Reamy

(Michigan) Artist Website Artist-in-Residence December Residency Year: 2015


With an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Mark Reamy joined us from Ohio for December. Using the unique process of layering 35mm slides and then re-photographing them, Reamy creates ‘slide dioramas’ which offer uncanny combinations of imagery. Sometimes subtle, sometimes jarring, Reamy’s work possesses surreal, sometimes psychedelic, elements:  “By combining two slides together I am conflating accounts, adding them together and forming new stories. Domestic interiors are overrun with something unexpected, something other. The incredibly banal slips into the transcendent, and so on.”

Reamy then takes it further by creating sculpture or installation, incorporating hand-built ‘light cubes’ or projections on bed sheets within various natural environments. During his residency at Surel’s Place, Reamy created new slide dioramas in the form of light cubes, which he shared with the public during his final exhibition titled “Moving Mountains.” Reamy also led a public workshop where he shared his unique processes through a discussion about his work and a demonstrative hands-on project where participants learned to make their own slide dioramas.