Matthew Thorley

Artist Website January '24 - December '24 Residency Year: 2024


Matthew Thorley is an Australian-born multi-disciplinary artist. He has been responding to the built environment through the use of his body as an art tool. Thorley attempts to evaluate constructed spaces with the intention of interpreting an alternative understanding using installations and architectural interventions. He has exhibited internationally, including Australia, North America, Europe, and Asia. At PS Art Space in 2019, Structural Dependency was nominated for 4 awards including Best Production and Best New Work. Thorley’s collaboration with Hallie Maxwell, Mapping the Field, was recently selected to exhibit at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art Museum in South Korea in 2024.

“My goal is to make the best use of the space by working in small formats, predominantly through the use of drawing and digital media. My practice has evolved through my collaboration with Hallie Maxwell to focus on video artworks that communicate a layered narrative through editing.

“My practice explores the relationship between the human body and the built environment. I plan to explore this narrative through filming and drawing in the field, facade rubbings, and physical mark making with a variety of dry and wet mediums.”