Artists Rolland Fletcher stands in his studio.

Rolland Fletcher

(Boise) Studios on 35th Street Resident 2022-2023 Residency Year: 2022 Residency Year: 2023


Born and raised in Twin Falls, Rolland Fletcher’s first art class in 4H was at age 6. In high school, he started taking drawing and painting classes that sparked his interest and ability enough that he decided to study art in college at Kansas University, earning a BFA in design in 1997, ceramics emphasis. After college, he didn’t enter the art field directly, though. A variety of creative but labor based jobs and then a passion for skiing led to a ski industry job in Boise that has been his profession. In 2014, he began using Fort Boise’s ceramic facilities and his art was reignited. Since then, he’s participated in Boise’s Wintry Market multiple times and is exploring more avenues to make and sell his art in the Boise area.