Sandra Luckett

(Arkansas) Artist-in-Residence July Residency Year: 2018


Sandra Luckett is a painter and installation artist who is also an associate professor of art at the University of Central Arkansas. Critics have referred to Sandra Luckett’s creations as feminine graffiti: a feminist response to a male-dominated art world. Brooklyn artist Sheila Pepe called Luckett “Martha Stewart on acid.” “That describes me well,” said Luckett. “I enjoy using color and pattern strategically and am very focused on my intentions.”

During her time at Surel’s Place, Luckett intends to create an assemblage, predominantly of constructed fabric, presented in a circular format referencing the cyclical nature of life. Informed by the Hindu God Shiva, Luckett’s work will explore evidence of destruction as the opening of a path for new creation: positive changes blooming out of despair.

Born in Rosamond, CA, reportedly in a chicken coop, Luckett grew up in Long Island, NY. She returned to school at age 44 and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2001 and with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2003, both with an emphasis on painting.


Luckett as she led a demonstration on assembling paper as an art medium. Participants were introduced to and guided in the production of paper art: collage, hanging pieces, and image constructions. Luckett helped participants explore concepts such as relationships of form, color, depth, and scale. Each participant then received assistance and advice in the creation of their own paper art.


The installation “Annihilation and Regeneration” was on view during an Artist Reception on July 27th. Luckett described the goal and essence of her work, stating, “I see these assemblages and installations as sensory-saturated environments designed to lure the viewer in and feel a visceral connection to the space. I hope to hold them there long enough to carefully consider the purpose.” In addition to the Artist Reception, the installation was on view as part of the artBus tour: Ride to Residencies on July 26th.