Savannah Dunn

(Chicago) Artist Website Artist-in-Residence April/May Residency Year: 2022


Sometimes our residents come from far away places and are visiting Boise for the first time. But sometimes, they are artists who grew up in our community and have moved away and the residency becomes a time of reconnecting. This is the case with our current artist-in-residence Savannah Dunn. In fact, her dance/choreography residency will be supported with visuals from local artist Jennifer Dunn – her mother. Jennifer Dunn recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting, and recently showed her work in the BFA Exhibition at the Blue Galleries. She will be contributing visual elements to Savannah’s final event, “The Look,” an immersive multimedia dance performance on May 6th.

Here’s a little bit about Ms. Dunn in the news with Idaho Press.

Choreographer and dancer Savannah Dunn contextualizes her movement by integrating words, music, and cross-medium collaboration. Her process often involves the creation of a sound system to give the movement emotion or narrative context. Savannah often centers her process around topics that anger or confuse her. Her work has covered topics and themes such as prejudice toward the female body, inaction in the face of gun-violence, grief, anxiety, and change. She encourages audiences to look at repeated patterns of cruelty or suffering and questions how we can break from them.

Savannah grew up in Boise, Idaho, attended Bishop Kelly High School, and trained at Idaho Regional Ballet. After graduating from Butler University in 2016, Savannah danced professionally in Chicago and Columbus for several years while choreographing. She attended Hubbard Street’s Professional Development Program for their 2019/2020 season. In January of 2020, she co-founded Little Fire Artist Collective with eighteen other artists to create an alternative model to traditional dance companies. The collective focuses on mutual support, horizontal structure, democratic decision making, and collaborative processes.

During her residency, she will also be teaching workshops at the Eagle Performing Arts Center.

THE LOOK (preview)

Choreography Reel