Shawn Solus

Artist Website Studio Artist-in-Residence March Residency Year: 2021


Shawn Solus is a multi-disciplinary artist making work that moves between sculpture, drawing, video, and sound art. He will utilize the space at Surel’s Place to develop and record a video and sound installation and performance piece focused on the intersection of human and non human ecologies. Specifically themed by the juxtaposition of “insects and engines,” Mr. Solus will create a visual and aural tapestry from field recordings and video footage captured around Surel’s Place, the Boise River, and surrounding Garden City.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Mr. Solus has maintained a lifelong passion for artistic practice. He studied music and visual art Salt Lake Community College before moving to Southeastern Idaho where in 2015 he earned his Bachelor of Art in painting and sculpture from Idaho State University. He moved to Boise in 2015 after being accepted to Boise State University Master of Fine Art Program. In 2018, he graduated with an MFA focused in installation and sound. He has exhibited locally and regionally in several group and juried exhibitions as well as having three solo shows. This residency fits into his current work exploring issues related to infrastructure and ecology, envisioning a future coexistence with non humans – including insects.

Saturday, March 27th  |  2:00pm

This artist talk will be presented via Facebook Live on the Surel’s Place page. Mr. Solus will share some of the source material and processes used during his residency in preparation for his next installation piece, “Insects and Engines.”