Tomica Šćavina, photograph by Alen Cabric

Tomica Šćavina

(Croatia) Artist Website Artist-in-Residence November Residency Year: 2019


Tomica Šćavina is a writer and psychologist from Croatia. She has written four novels, two children’s books and a book of poetry. Her novel Return of the Genius was honored with the Sfera and Artefakt Croatian literary awards. She also collaborates with Croatian National Radio (HRT) as an author of the radio series “Wandering in Sound,” which explores travel from the perception of a writer.

At the Vern University of Applied Sciences, Ms. Scavina teaches a course in the psychology of creativity. She also runs “Beyond Writing,” a workshop on the interface between creativity and psychology at the Zagreb Center for Creative Writing.

Tomica Šćavina is a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association and is on the board of the Croatian Writers Society.


“Beyond Writing” was a workshop held in November 2019, it was for everyone who likes writing and wants to write, but has a problem with procrastination, giving up, writing blocks, shyness, and validation of their writing. With the guidance of writer and psychologist Tomica Šćavina from Croatia, attendants were supported and encouraged for developing their writing skills. Participants also learned about the creative processes and ways of nurturing them.