Is Surel’s Place a 501c3 non-profit? Are my donations to Surel’s Place tax-deductible?

We are indeed an official non-profit organization with 501c3 status, so all donations made to Surel’s Place are tax-deductible. Our Tax Identification Number is 45-5319151.

When are applications accepted? 

We have two deadlines annually. September 1 for residencies/events between the following January and June;  March 1 for residencies/events between the following July and December.  See the Programs Pages for more information.

Do I have to live in the house or can I just use the studio?

It depends on the program. If you are applying for our month-long residency program, the expectation is that you will live and work from the house. If you are applying for the Studio AIR program, the expectation is that you are using the house as a studio only. Adjustments can be made based on individual circumstances.

How much is the living stipend? The transportation stipend?  

In addition to covering the costs of the house, studio, marketing, and administration, Surel’s Place offers stipends to help with food costs, and if you’re traveling from out of town, with travel expenses. The travel stipend is $300, and the living stipend is currently $100 per week.

Can I bring my partner? My child? My pet?

Partners are welcome to join residents, but at this time, Surel’s Place cannot accommodate children or pets. Partners who desire concurrent residencies must apply and be accepted separately.

My employer lets me telecommute.  Do you mind if I do work other than my art while at Surel’s Place?

During residencies, artists are asked to completely dedicate themselves to making and sharing their art and processes at Surel’s Place. Our volunteers, staff, and donors invest in our residencies to ensure that our artists and patrons have a fully vested experience, so no outside work is allowed.

I want to quit smoking, and this is the perfect opportunity.  I’ll quit when I’m a resident. I’ll be too busy to smoke.  My muses will fend off the cravings.

That’s nice. No way. No smoking. Not. Even. One. Seriously. If you’re not already a true non-smoker, don’t apply. The entire property is non-smoking. Seriously. You will be asked to leave and your entire security deposit will be forfeited. Seriously.