Groups or individuals interested in being fiscally sponsored by Surel’s Place are asked to fill out this form. It is designed not just to help our board determine which efforts we can support and to what level, but also to give new or emerging organizations a chance to work through some of the questions they are likely to face.

Please feel free to contact us at any time while you are thinking through whether such an opportunity is right for you or your organization. Reach out to us at

Fiscal Sponsorship Inquiry Form

Surel’s Place can become a fiscal sponsor of organizations or efforts that share our organizations broad mission to support the arts and our values to boost equity and access, build the local arts community, and support local, emerging and BIPOC artists.
Surel's Place gives special consideration to fiscal sponsorship projects that share our core audiences and values. Please check all the boxes that directly apply to your proposal:
In the simplest of terms, a fiscal sponsorship can offer large donors the chance to deduct their donations from their federal income taxes and it can allow a project to be funded by governmental or private grantors that only offer grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Please note that due to a law change in the past few years, most donors today do not give enough to individually itemize gifts on their tax forms — so the perk of tax-deductibility is limited to those who give several thousand dollars or more every year. Also, note that some grantors do not require a fiscal sponsor and some will not give through a fiscal sponsor — so the arrangement doesn’t offer a universal solution.

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