By Hallie Maxwell & Matthew Thorley

Many will remember the installation Hallie Maxwell created for the Green Box during the pandemic, which relied on the community to fold paper cranes and leave them in a cooler outside the Green Box. Over the course of the entire winter, Hallie transformed these cranes into flowers and plants to create a greenhouse inside the Green Box in a piece she called Reviresco. Now she is partnering with a collaborator to bring a new community activating piece to our unique installation space.

As a collaborating team, Hallie Maxwell and Matthew Thorley value learning from other people’s ways of making. Their new installation, which opened during the December 1st First Friday, invites the artist in all of us to participate in a transformation of the Green Box. The layering of multicolored tape represents the many vibrant voices of the Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District. Over time, the Green Box enveloped in tape will become a metaphorical chrysalis. Our act of weaving becomes a manifestation of the new horizons that will emerge in the spring.

You may participate in the project at any time. Bring some colorful painter’s tape with you to contribute to the supplies or just use what you find in the cooler outside. When you are done, tag #ourwoventrails and #surelsplace and post to Instagram. You may add your tape weavings to the exterior of the box at any time. The interior will also be open and available during public events at Surel’s Place.


The Green Box was found neglected in our neighborhood during redevelopment a few years ago. After some research, the Green Box was discovered to be a WWII era mobile military office. After its use by the U.S. military, it was discarded in Olympia, Washington. A Garden City resident – a long haul truck driver – adopted it and transported it on a trailer to a location behind her home to be used as a garden shed for many years. Instead of its life ending in demolition, the Green Box was rediscovered and repurposed in February 2018 and granted a new life. The Green Box lives on and now serves a much higher purpose, here in Garden City’s Live-Work-Create District.


To date, the Green Box has had installations by Clarissa Callesen, Heather Wright, Eric Mullis & Kelly Cox, Kristen Hill, Curious Conditions, Hallie Maxwell, Ted Apel, Dyan Ferren, Alissa Ohashi, Stephanie Inman, Jessie Swimeley, Ace Zappa, Rafi Münz, and others