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Our Newest Fiscal Sponsor Partner Featured on Idaho’s News Channel 7

The B-Side Music Project has launched to support local and visiting musicians by telling their stories, connecting them to venues and other opportunities, and providing Boise music cans with an all-encompassing music listings and information through a print and online B-Side Magazine.

The emerging organization has already caught the attention of Idaho’s largest television channel, KTVB, which highlighted B-Side and its founder, Kristin Birt, in a story on January 22.

“I always like the b-side of records more, like not the top hit but the more obscure songs on the other side,” Birt told the station. “Starting the magazine came from me seeing so many bands that went unnoticed here in the music scene and I started to get frustrated hearing about bands playing after their shows.”

Check out the B-Side website here.

“I wanted to provide a space for the shows and audience but mostly for local bands,” Birt told KTVB. “They can create their own profiles with links to their music and we added a connect button so anyone can reach out to them, both fans and people or venues that might want to book them. It’s all done at no charge to the bands.”

Surel’s Place fiscally sponsors emerging arts groups like B-Side to help deepen the support for art and artists in Idaho. Our sponsorship gets these new groups off the ground much more quickly and efficiently than they could otherwise manage on their own.

The sponsorship means that donations to B-Side through Surel’s Place are tax-deductible. But if you are interested more in cool swag than a tax deduction, check out the B-Side Kickstarter here.