Misty Duet


Sarah Klein
Misty Duet
risograph, paper
11″ x 8.5″


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“When I grasp for order, I recognize nothing is fixed, everything keeps changing. To this effect, my work employs or suggests movement. Informed by a decade of working with stop-motion animation, I use image sequences and repetition to activate my subject material. I take inspiration from pre-cinematic or proto-multidimensional devices such as the phenakistoscope – amongst the earliest forms of animation, flipbooks, interactive overlays found in educational textbooks, and the transparent lens of the early image projectors like the magic lantern. Transferring these rudimentary approaches into my own work lets me expand on the dimensionality of materials and give them life. These image sequences are arranged for the viewer to set them into motion with a GIF app on a smart device or the mind’s eye.”