Redfish Lake, Idaho


Jacinda Russell
Redfish Lake, Idaho
archival pigment print
2014 – 2015

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“I returned to the city where I was born for my residency at Surel’s Place, revisiting the water of my childhood. All the artworks featuring Southern Idaho in this series were photographed during my stay in May 2014.”

“The series ‘Autobiography in Water’ depicts water as a source of renewal, leisure, tradition, longing, helplessness, and fear, as well as a delineator of space and the passage and suspension of time. It required extensive travel throughout Texas, Idaho, the Pacific Northwest, California, Arizona, Florida, the Canadian Rockies, Iceland, and New Zealand. The artworks depict the places I took for granted before moving to the Midwest and those where one visit altered the course of the future. They also include the unknown, those sites for which I yearn, where my story was yet unwritten. The pools, rivers, lakes, and oceans offer continuity and familiarity in an effort to connect me to the locales that I longed to call home.”

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13" x 19", 20" x 30" print only, 20" x 30" print with jars