Throw the Ball


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Oil on canvas

Light reflecting off facets of the landscape captured the imagination of fauvist artist Mary Arnold from the start. She never tires of capturing that light in her art and in attempting to connect humanity with nature. Arnold holds a BBA, from the University of Texas, and her MBA from Thunderbird/ASU.  She works regularly with mentor JanyRae Seda.

Arnold was Artist in Residence for the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley from September 2020 through August 2021. Working with visual inspirations as well as written ones, in 2022 her 2-person show “Poetic Refraction”, developed with her sister, utilized poetry of the west in the exploration of how common inspiration results in differential yet intertwined aesthetic expressions.

Arnold’s notion of connecting to nature lies in her childhood experiences growing up in the farming/ranching lifestyle, exploring Idaho’s fields, riding horses to rocky buttes and canyons, spending summers and winters recreating in the mountains, and playing hide-and-go seek-with her dogs in the corn fields.  As an adult, the themes of stewardship of and reliance on the land and animals still resonates and are common themes in her artwork.

In 2020 Mary was awarded a scholarship for the Idaho Commission on the Arts My Artrepreneurship Program and has continued working with the ICA as an instructor/coach to other artists. A strong advocate for the environment, Arnold hopes that her paintings broaden a message of advocacy for the sustainable use of our open spaces and conservation of the breadth of species in our ecosystems.
She resides in Boise with her husband and pets.