To Be Consumed (Red on Black 001)


Hallie Maxwell
To Be Consumed (Red on Black 001)
ink on mulberry paper (unframed)
12″ x 12″

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“I reflect upon my Japanese American identity through the appropriation of stereotypical materials from Japanese culture. I combine traditional Japanese art materials with materials that are not conventionally used for art, such as rice. My series To Be Consumed is created through a process of combining sumi ink and rice on “rice” (mulberry) paper. The series Gesture is made of mizuhiki paper cords. The cords are tied together to make an abundance of awaji knots. My use of these materials without the context of their historical and cultural origins relates to the disconnect between my external identity and myself. I am a sum of my experiences, passed down tradition/mythology, and internalization of stereotypes. Much like the cords searching for connections, these works are attempts to piece together and reclaim my Japanese American identity.”