Vivian Hyelim Kim

October/November Artist-in-ResidenceKIMwebrevised

Though originally from Korea, and with a permanent home in New York City, Ms. Kim is coming to us between residencies in Arizona and New Mexico.  A graduate of the Pratt Institute, Ms. Kim’s work includes paintings, drawings, paper cut outs, indoor and outdoor installations, and art books.  For more information about Ms. Kim, visit

While in residency, Ms. Kim will take inspiration from her novel surroundings as she makes intricate paper cut outs that mimic the patterns she finds in the nature of Idaho.  A keen observer, Ms. Kim aims to magnify the beauty that is so often overlooked because of its scale and our busy lives.

Ms. Kim’s final show and sale will be on Friday, November 22 from 6:30-8:30 @ Surel’s Place!  See you there.