Vivian Hyelim Kim

October/November Artist-in-ResidenceKIMwebrevised

Though originally from Korea, and with a permanent home in New York City, Ms. Kim is coming to us between residencies in Arizona and New Mexico.  A graduate of the Pratt Institute, Ms. Kim’s work includes paintings, drawings, paper cut outs, indoor and outdoor installations, and art books.  For more information about Ms. Kim, visit

While in residency, Ms. Kim will take inspiration from her novel surroundings as she makes intricate paper cut outs that mimic the patterns she finds in the nature of Idaho.  A keen observer, Ms. Kim aims to magnify the beauty that is so often overlooked because of its scale and our busy lives.

Ms. Kim’s final show and sale will be on Friday, November 22 from 6:30-8:30 @ Surel’s Place!  See you there.



MIXEDMUSES: Writing about Art with Diane Raptosh

Wednesday, August 14
Every painting or sculpture crystallizes, among other things, the artist’s view of the world in a given moment. Likewise, a poet approaches the world through words, trying to capture that moment of recognition, beauty, and insight. In this workshop we will allow the muse of the poet to interact with that of the visual artist in a blending of imaginations, a mixing of muses, known as ekphrasis. We will learn about ekphrastic techniques, read great poems by Auden, Rilke and others, and then rely on the glorious variety of visual art and objects at Surel’s Place to compose our poems.

The recipient of three fellowships in literature from the Idaho Commission on the Arts, Raptosh currently serves as the 2013 Boise Poet Laureate and also serves as the Idaho Writer in Residence (2013-2016). Her fourth book of poems, American Amnesiac, was published just this month (August) by Etruscan Press. She teaches writing at The College of Idaho, where she also directs the program in criminal justice/prison studies. She lives in Boise with her family. For more information about Ms. Raptosh, read about her in this recent Idaho Statesman article written by Dana Oland.

This workshop is open to writers of all levels.

Free! Register at


Rivers & Stones



Artist Anita Drake will be leading this workshop designed specifically for the setting at Surel’s Place.  Participants will explore the impulse of and the obstacles to creativity through music, writing, painting, and collage.  River and stone imagery will be a beginning point for the creation of personal creativity maps.  If you’ve been stuck, if you need to give yourself permission to create, if you need to let your muses boss your left brain around a bit, this will be a valuable and enjoyable experience.

Free!  Register at .

Welcome Melissa Wilkinson to her July Odyssey at Surel’s Place


Saturday, July 6, 10:30a.m.

Wednesday, July 17, 6:30pm

Friday, July 26, 6:30 pm

During her residency, Ms. Wilkinson will work on her Frontier Series about which she wrote, “As the name suggests they are representations of man’s interaction with the unexplored universe.  They are not specific in their description of place or time, however they depict our interaction with an otherworldly landscape, one that is both post apocalyptic as well painfully present.  I seek to investigate a sense of awe coupled with immense anxiety about the unknown.  I am heavily influenced by the Sublime landscape, one that seems never ending, beautiful and frightening at the same time.

It is through manipulating the images digitally, through data bending and digital collage that I fracture the images, as a way to create a type of picture puzzle of limited information one might receive from a very distant location.  The work explores my own sense of struggle with contemporary global conflict, strained economies, environmental uncertainty and political strife.

Don’t miss it! 

Kate Menzies and Workshop Participants will offer a reading: 

Thursday, June 27th, 6:30pm @ Surel’s Place.

Workshop From Stairs

Thank you, Kate Menzies, for turning Surel’s Place into just what these 10 local writers needed on Saturday afternoon.  The feedback has been amazing.  What a gift to our community!